Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my student's mum walked into the study room and told me and my student that she will be out to eat supper with her husband and another son...

while i was teaching my student, i took a side glance into the living room and i saw a pair of very fair looking feet walking very fast into one of the rooms...

i only saw the feet.... i didn't see the body at all..

my balls almost dropped.. literally...

i'm thinking "fuck! fuck!!! i'm already not very lucky recently liao with all my bad health and lousy job.. don't tell me i'm really so down with luck that i'm seeing things..."

(today is 2nd day of the 7th month by the way if you are unaware of the burning of paper money and so on thats has been happening around the neighbourhood... )

i try to calm myself and think what i saw... i thought its some paper or what but i really saw a pair of feet!! okok... dun scare myself too much.. be calm.. be calm...

i saw the same pair of feet walking very fast out of the room again!!! again i didn't see anybody!!


okok be CALM..... dun think about it even if its true... dun think so much....

my student says "ohhh time for supper!! they are back liao!!"

TMD... how he knows that his parents are back when i didn't even hear the door open?

anyway that pair of feet belongs to his brother... -.-""

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