Monday, October 02, 2006

was driving my colleague to cck mrt when my student's mum called to cancel today's lesson. can i say no?

so instead of cck mrt, i decided to send her further north to woodlands mrt as i haven't had a good chat with her since i joined the company. she is probably the only one in my team whom i shared most about my past relationships as well as current happenings. haha! she talked about her bf (soon to be hubby), how their relationship came about, and also gave me encouragement to finding my miss right. *warning: skip the rest of the paragraph if you have low resistance to disgusting descriptions and puke easily* she pointed out that i'm still young, only going to be 27, quite good looking, has a career, has the qualifications, own a car, is very eligible for any gals to consider, *self-censored* blah blah.. although these are music to the ears but i really have enough of all these encouragments again and again. i pointed out to her that having all these really doesn't mean anything when it comes to finding miss right, and i'm a really good example of a left-on-the-shelf-product. =)

was telling her that after all these while, i've decided to look at things in a neutral way and not jump into conclusions too soon. this is because guys in general tend to think too much when a gal is friendly and we are guessing if she is trying to imply something positive. however, most if not all the time, we decode the signals incorrectly and ended up on the wrong side. oh yeah, the feeling sucks big time and i really hate to go thru it again.

so now my attitude towards any potential miss right will be neutral and no more mr nice guy. yeah, must have attitude =)

oh before i forget, i must recommend scratch & swirl remover and liquid wax for all car lovers who want their precious to be gilat-gilat aka sparkling shine! the swirl remover works wonders as those fugly fine scratches on my baby have been removed completely, and the liquid wax brings back the shine on my baby's skin! wooo~ i'm beginning to love my baby even more now =P

a little secret: my baby has much much more skincare and body care products than me and they cost me a bomb.. i only have a tube of facial wash, a bottle of shower foam and shampoo... -.-"

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