Tuesday, October 24, 2006

happy hari raya puasa to all my fellow malay friends and happy holidays for all others out there!

i didn't manage to sleep well last nite. as usual i doze off last nite at 11pm++ and woke up at about 2am to off my lappy. after that i dunno why i cannot sleep. i rolled and tossed on my cosy bed for probably 1-2 hrs before i knocked out.. very very very seldom will i not be in my dreamland within 1 minute (so those with insomnia wana try my cosy bed?) of lying on my bed unless i'm in thoughts. yup, my mind is still very much awake thinking.. anyway some bo-liao things i guess.. i have been having dreams lately. its unusually frequent as compared to the past. i dun like dreams because i'm not really resting while dreaming and also my dreams are usually not as sweet as i wanted..

oh yeah, just to let you peeps know that i've just sent out my application to UniSIM as a part-time tutor/lecturer. i've selected project management and mathematics/statistics as the disciplines i'm interested to teach. i feel that my resume isn't done up nicely enough but i still hope that they will close one eye when they see my FIRST CLASS HONOURS on my masters degree.. hehe.. will update you all if i have any good news =)

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