Saturday, September 30, 2006

i dun usually blog in the middle of the day (coz my 灵感 usually overflow only at nite when the sun is down and the cows have come home) but here am i blogging in the middle of the day at 1.12pm.

i don't need to say anything as its self explanatory. of coz don't be a ku-ku and think that my 灵感 overflow now. if you are then you really is a ku-ku.

what is happening/going to happen/had happened today:

1. the sky looks extremely dark now

2. got tip-off that i may have a mobilisation today but no news as yet

3. my tennis practice session was cancelled

4. my baby's weekly bath is almost overdue

5. my target of a suntan is ruined due to point 1

6. i'm nua-ing infront of my lappy with no plans in mind for this weekend..

life is so shitty for me this weekend..

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