Sunday, September 03, 2006

fuck the fellow who issued me this freaking ticket!

no.. fuck is not enough.. double fuck!

you will not know why i'm so freaking pissed off till i tell u the whole story. i was in raffles place enjoying my routine gym workout and for the first time since i started driving to raffles place, i kena the ticket.

ORIGINALLY is $10. time of offence: 4.53pm.

i reached my car at 5.03pm when i saw the ORIGINAL ticket. i was like well.. $10 still reasonable lah, just that i'm abit suay not to come back 10 mins earlier. so i was contemplating whether to leave the place or not then i suddenly have the 'inspiration' to buy 4D from the nearby convenient store at china square. i was thinking: since kena once liao, thats the end rite? might as well make use of this time to go buy 4D... and i shall not touch the ticket so that the next idiot will not issue double ticket..

and off i went...

and back...

and while i was collecting my ticket, i got a shock of my fucking life!! the $10 suddenly become $20!!! i was only for another 10mins only and $10 more??? WTF!!! WTFFFFFFF!!!!


lim bei going to complain to the freaking URA tomorrow morning, make sure the fellow who pick up my phone or read my email will have a bad morning and bad day and even a bad week if notthing is done about my appeal!!
triple FUCK!!

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