Wednesday, September 27, 2006

3 things made my day..

1. coach was praising me infront of the others that i can serve well although i missed last week's lesson and i only practiced for 10 mins today. =) just when i was supposed to demostrate to my fellow coursemates, my 1st 3 serves got off court! haha! thats what i call dun praise me coz get hao-lian easily and i'll lose my head =P anyway the 4th one fits nicely into the court =) will practice more to perfect my serve.. and i think my coach likes me and sees the potential in me. well, agassi is still playing at 30s so can i! hehe.

2. i was asked (not sure if thats the right word to use) by one of my coursemates to practice tennis during the weekend. quite surprised that she will ask me as i actually have the intention to ask her instead =P anyway peeps, its just practice ok? dun think so much... =) update: cancelled.

3. i'm finally confirmed by the company! its back dated to 8th aug and sadly speaking there isn't going to be any pay increment.. =( nevertheless, my manager did praise me for my good performance as i exceeded her expectations and i learn pretty fast. both she and another manager feel that i have the potential and hence she kept on encouraging me to continue my hard work! sooo happy that i just can't stop grinning!

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