Monday, August 21, 2006

i did something on impulse.

eh.. not really impulse as i've thought about it before, its only till today then i have the sudden urge to do it, and i did it. haha! well.. sometimes in life, we should just do what we want to do. =)

ok.. so what have i done? wana make a guess? hehe..


something interesting to share with all of you peeps!

just when someone has tried to be creative and gave its chain of restaurants an 'extraordinary' name.. 无招牌海鲜..

the owners with a wide grin on their face =)

after they became rich and famous, as typical singaporean style, we try to 'improve' and 'innovate' from what we think 'can be better'.. ladies and gentlemen, i present..

i bet the owners of the previous restaurant will surely laugh their heads off.. haha!


that shows again our 'innovativeness'.. haizzzzzzzz.....

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