Tuesday, June 13, 2006

fuck that tongo idiot who without using his pea brain go and trip park just outside the penalty box.

total idiot.

why go and trip him? its only the 53rd min and tongo is enjoying the 1 goal lead! its not as thou when park shoot he sure goal what so just try to pressure him will do what right? even if goal also nevermind what.. at most draw mah... his irresponsible act caused his own red card and the turn around of the game. korea equalised and the rest is history.. i really feel that tongo deserved to win till 53rd min..

i'm sure he will go back to his hotel room and cry under his pillow, and he really ought to, coz he broke the hearts of millions of his countrymen as well as mine.

my $10 to be exact.

now can only pray that the other 2 matches i win at least one as either one i kena will be able to cover what i have lost.

(world cup balance: -$14.75)

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