Tuesday, May 02, 2006

today is a bad day for me and my baby..

my baby's butt has a bad dent, close to the rear right lamp (driver's side). kena it on a pole after i finish registering my PPCDL course at SAF yacht club while i was reversing out of my slot. basically my baby was parked at a downslope and i need to ram to move out and before i know it i kena the pole.. fuck.. somemore the place is freaking dark.. no street lamps ok.. otherwise i'll be able to see the pole. i thought its just a small dent and i was wrong.. the bumper was quite badly damaged and i'm not sure if it can be hammered back to shape.. i hope that nothing more was damaged... baby i'm sorry.. i'll be really careful next time..

fuck.. wat a day.. this week certainly isn't mine.. 2 unhappy events in 3 days.. luckily at least yesterday is a happy one..

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