Sunday, April 30, 2006

if booking out later than usual from camp doesn't let me lose my cool, the karaoke session just now almost nearly and closely forced me put up a black face in front of all.. i'm trying hard to control and i hope that i did a good job concealing myself although i know that i'm a poor actor.. my facial expressions reflect my current mood easily. one may has noticed my displeasure and said sorry to me before we head home even thou its not her fault..

i wonder why on mother earth i rushed to bathe, get changed and drove for the karaoke session.. and i'll not bother to do that if i know earlier i'll end up becoming an unhappy person. yup.. if not to give mr H face i'll probably be resting at home..

haizzz... really dampened my mood for the day..

anyway i'll try to forget everything after i sleep so that i can start a new day fresh and happy. will be taking monday and tuesday off. =)

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