Sunday, May 28, 2006

the ppcdl course i've enrolled myself in has ended with a beautiful note.

20 hours is really short for learning something so alien to me.. actually i dun mind if the course is extended for another weekend as i really enjoyed myself. i've also discovered something which i didn't know of myself, ie i actually like the sea =) the feeling of taking control of the craft and cruising at speed without having to worry about kena summons is really cool! somemore out in the sea allows me to be away from the complexity and stress and is certainly a great way to relax.. i've also made friends with my fellow course mates and the instructors and hope that we can keep in touch after this, be it fishing or eating seafood at kelong...

frankly speaking, i (not only me i guess) cannot catch some of the materials that the instructors are trying to convey but i believe with some studying i'll be able to overcome the theory test which is scheduled 3 weeks later.. =)


ok.. i'm really tired now.. its not easy to survive with a total of less than 7 hrs of sleep for 2 days.. will post some pics i took while out in the sea after i've rejuvenated..

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