Thursday, March 02, 2006

today i'm in a bad mood.

all thanks to the interview in the morning. being the first guy to enter the interview room is certainly a bad thing.. kena shooted left right center up down by the MD... he just don't like my answers no matter how hard i try. but by the way, i don't really understand his questions! i'm not sure if he deliberately tried to make my life difficult by asking those questions or he thought that by asking those questions will make him look intelligent or what..

one of the guys who interviewed me the other round was present as well and i can see that he really likes me as he even tried to come to my rescue by telling the MD that i'm in charge of a certain project which belongs to the company's subsidary overseas. however, he kena shooted by the MD when he (MD) asked the guy if he ever informed me about the job scope and so on, as the MD doesn't seem quite pleased with his answer... the whole session he remained quiet..

conclusion: the MD don't like me and i'll probbaly not get this job from the remarks he gave me throughout the interview... =( because of this incident, my whole day was spoiled...


anyway, life is not about interviews and work right? okok i shall not blog too much about those things from tomorrow onwards. apart from dancing, i'm picking up tennis! got jio my colleagues to play lah and i'm hoping that the first session will start this weekend. tennis should be quite fun i suppose, coz can be under the sun + run about! those who like tennis and dun mind a rookie joining you for a game pls call me k! =)

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