Tuesday, February 14, 2006

time: 1025pm

my students have won the wager coz i'm at home blogging my life away.. *cries* well well, i should not indulge in too much of self pity coz when i'm back from work just now, i noticed that there are many many boys and gals out there without a date..

can see from their eyes (including mine) that they (we) are envious of those sweet couples.. awww~~

anyway florists really earn BIG money today! almost every flower shop that i passed by have long queues! i think they are praying that everyday is v'day.. hehe.. if thats true, i'll also become a florist myself =P


my student has got an A2 for his a'maths for o'levels! so proud of him! he is the typical "green out of blue, win the blue" (for those who dunno, go translate into chinese..) as i only got B3 for that subject back in my time.. as for my current student, i think he will be able to get A1 if he is more careful in his work..

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