Tuesday, January 31, 2006

some things i'm ok with waiting. eg. queueing to pay for my loots, waiting for food to be served, waiting in line to board the bus..

however, for some things i hate the process of waiting. its not that i lack of patience but waiting is like killing me by draining my blood dry. i'm no where close to jesus so i hate the process of dying in that manner. if i'm to die, i'll request a swift and clean death where the pain is intense yet momentarily.

talking about pain, waiting is very painful and i hate every second of it. waiting is the stage of being most helpless.. its like a criminal waiting for his judgement and he can do nothing about it (hey! sounds familar.. did i blog something like this somewhere b4? hmm.. can't really remember anyway...).

let me know the outcome please, dun let me wait... if everything is supposed to go well, why not let it happen earlier? otherwise, why not stop the pain sooner than later?

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