Monday, January 30, 2006

its going to be the 3rd day of the CNY.. these days what i do most frequently is eat and eat and sleep and sleep... nothing much to do on CNY coz the whole singapore is like a ghost town! shops are usually closed for the 1st 2 days so shopping is almost impossible.. no friends visiting.. also the food is almost the same everywhere and similar every year (steamboat! yeeek!) so i'm not expecting anything new to appear on my dining table this year.. i seem to have lost interest in those delicacies which are raved by others either by the brand, price or taste.. perhaps thats in-line with my attitude towards CNY.. anyway i'm not the only one feeling the same. even my neighbour who is in her late 30s also share the same sentiments as me..

wondering what i should do tomorrow.. go istana? watch movie? or river ang bao?

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