Saturday, January 14, 2006

finally its over! yeappie!!

now i shall anxiously wait for the release of my results. passing is important, but hopefully i attain the goal i set for myself before the start of the course, which is to get into the top few for my cohort. still got 2 subjects pending for release.. hopefully i can do well for the one going to released next week so that i can have more buffer for the last module which i attenpted today.

exam today sucks big time. 1Q (50%) and i really spent really 50% of the total time for that question! damm! in the end for the other 2Q i can only write rather briefly.. sick man.. last module still like that. ahhh!! no matter what, its over and i really dun wana think about it.

went to gym after that and head down to sim lim to see see what have i missed out during my IT inactivity. saw quite a few interesting gadgets which i'm contemplating to get or not. eg. 2.5" external harddisk which can backup my data and act as additional memory space for my pathetic 30GB hardisk; external DVD writer; etc..

oh yah, now i'm really very free! you people do feel free to ask me out almost anytime in the weekends and even during the weekdays. =)


now i understand why people call fort canning a place to "catch monkeys"! even in the bright afternoon i can see a couple PDA to each other! wah kaozz! if not for the refusal of the gal i think the guy wana strip the gal already, as i saw the guy trying to flip up the gal's blouse! so for those interested to "catch monkeys", feel free to catch anytime of the day coz even monkeys are out in broad daylight..

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