Sunday, December 18, 2005

went to west mall today after my lectures to look for 3 things.

1st, went over to m1 shop to have a look of the phones currently on offer. really very tempting to buy coz the phones are really very low price! the motorola v3 only selling at $98! last week was still $148 leh! those who bought it last week must be hammering their chests real hard now. another one is the K600i, a sony ericsson 3G phone at $198. pretty good and low price for a 3G phone although it has no expandable memory beyond its internal dunno 32 or 64 mb. another toy selling like hot cakes is the samsung d500c at $168. its pretty decent phone at this price coz got bluetooth, mp3, 1.3mp camera, blah blah.. quite tempted to get it but i heard that samsung phones spoil easily.. so still not sure wana get or not yet. i may end up getting one of the panasonic phones recently launched. got one selling at $68 only! 16million colours with 1.3mp camera k! dirt cheap! or should i get a nokia 6680 at $368?

my requirements for a new hp is very simple:
1. call in/out
2. sms (dun even need mms)
3. calendar which i can take down all the impt stuffs. eg those appts, things to do, etc *very important*
4. alarm! *extreme importance* now i depends totally on my hp to wake me up every morning, and its best if it can set multiple alarms =)
5. camera (its not optional anymore but a basic feature in every handphone already. i dun really need camera anyway)

2nd, went to harvey norman to look at tv. my current one in the living room has been as old as the age of my house and its not functioning well. so i'm thinking of getting one replacement. panasonic seems to be my best choice after visiting 2 electrical shops. which would you choose? $550 with 1 yr warrenty or $650 with 5 years warrenty? the latter looks more attractive hor?

3rd, went to shop and save to look for x'mas food ideas for the coming dinner. haizz.. hard to make a decision.. so what are the typical x'mas delicacies? turkey, ham, log cakes, ???

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