Thursday, December 15, 2005

i guess its important to be involved in the festive celebration so as to bring out the festive juices. for the x'mas i guess the simpliest is by sending x'mas cards.

i've the practice of sending x'mas cards every year, and i send them real early. usually i'll make sure that my intended receipent will receive the earliest card from me, and i do that by sending not later than the 1st week of dec. also, the list of names do not change much every year. i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. it may simply mean that my circle of friends is not expanding but maybe shrinking.. thats bad news for me.. anyway its usually the same old names in my list, and most of them are friends whom i may not meet even once per year. however, i still treasure the friendship i've with them, and the best way is to send them a card every year at this time to tell them that i still remember them, even thou they may not remember me..

this year is really no mood thats why i only managed to get the cards on tuesday minus the stamps. also dunno what to write in there. last time when i'm still attending church i'll include a bible phase in each card. but for the past 2 years i'm running short of ideas on what to write in there...

10 days to x'mas =)

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