Friday, August 19, 2005

these 2 days have been hell for me at work.

1. i've over 100 pages of drawings to revise within 2 days. my boss is really testing on my autocad skills..
2. problems of my ongoing projects are surfacing one by one, one after another... wats worst is i've a very tight deadline to follow..
3. bought components that are not appropriate for my projects... calling here and there to change..
4. boss is saying that my schematic diagrams are not correct, and he wants me to verify my circuits..
5. kena 'butter' by my boss.. and i've more butter to taste... SOON...

most KKNB one is kena butter by my boss for something not really of my fault. for each project, i'm supposed to come out with a parts list so that my planner can check the available stocks from the pc and then pass to my storeman to pack those components as listed. however, one of the components has run out of stocks and the new stocks will only come in at least 3-4 weeks time. to rub salt to the wound, my project is supposed to deliver in another 2 weeks+.. i consult my boss and he wants to know why such a thing happen. he also wants me to explain what is happening and who should be in charge.

i'm in such a dilemma. the correct procedure is that i'll give the part list to my planner and she should tally with the existing stocks and order those that are short of. i dunno why she did not inform me that certain items are short and she passed the list to my storeman. my storeman also a champion, not enough stock also dunno how to reflect back and just keep quiet. KKNB!! luckily my foreman inform me of that. if not wait another week then i find out i sure kena fuck upside down. so whose fault? bo bian.. as the engineer in-charge i cannot push the blame to others although its not really my fault... i can only keep my mouth shut while my boss look at me in disbelief..

sibei suay. i'm so freaking busy to double check everything and i know for sure things will go wrong and sure enough, things are going wrong one by one... and time is not on my side. now i understand why my manager said to me when i first join the company "don't trust the workers, they know nothing.." i find it hard to trust some of my colleagues and workers from now onwards. better to double check everything myself than put my head at risk, especially i have so many projects having deadlines so close to one another...

wondering if i should go back to office tomorrow morning... sianzzzz....

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