Monday, August 22, 2005

i must say this out!!

was in clementi today and i'm with my bus guide, trying to figure out where i can find the bus no. which will bring me to my destination. after searching for a while, i'm still blurr and i decided to seek help from a passerby for help. an auntie, probably in her 40s or even 50s was walking towards me and i decided to go up to her and ask for directions.

when i say "excuse me, may i know where is block 440..." she acted blurr and dun want to look in my direction! i asked again and yet she kept on walking straight. its only when i asked the 3rd time then she take a slight glance and me and say "440.... hmm.." and she walked off!!

TA MA DE! i look like a salesman meh? or she thinks that i'm some old ah pek that will take any slight interest in her? kaozzz!!! ask her to STARE HARD at the bloody mirror lah!! if she really dunno the place she can jolly well say she dunno the place and i'm perfectly fine with it! but this woman really makes my blood boil!!! KNN... next time she better dun see me and asks me for directions, otherwise i'll sure guide her to holland!

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