Sunday, July 17, 2005

a visit to my friend's very own company/office let me realise something important: to be rich (and successful), you need to be someone who has certain special skills which MOST others don't, or else you just have to be someone who is farking clever so that others will pay you tons of money for your knowledge.

i think many people in singapore have this mentality that we should follow what have been proven successful, and thinking that so long as we follow we will get rich. examples can range from the bubble tea era to the current coffee bun and kaya toast. little did they realise that all these doesn't seem to last long coz everyone just copy and copy and thats it, they earn peanuts (not the same as the $600k peanut k!)..

even when it comes to education its following what other people say are good. when there is rumour from anyone (no matter the source is govt or the kopitiam auntie and ah pek) saying that engineering can earn big bucks, every father mother sona dn daughter go and study engineering. when the wind blow another direction saying banking is good, everyone go and study banking and finance.. now govt say life science got 'potential', everyone like see gold mine like that flock and study..

just like what my financial management lecturer like to say to my class, i like to tell my friends and colleagues as well: when your broker tell you he got inside info and says this stock that fund can buy, DON'T BUY. by the time the info reach you its already dunno the 1000th hand information liao, so you think you can still earn? you are probably contributing to others who have bought them at an earlier date and decided to sell them now...

come back to the example of my friend. he is in a line which there is almost no proper course in poly or university for it. what he does is not any father mother son or daughter has the knowledge to do. he did not follow the commoners and bec of this, he is earning big bucks!

so who says we must follow successful examples? who says that what is popular is sure money earning?

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