Friday, July 15, 2005

this week is pretty interesting for the general public as well as the media. if not for his inability to endure that piece of newpaper report, we the common folks will never know the BIG secret behind all these. $600000 annual paycheck, business/first class travelling, private vechicle maintenance being paid for, private office with gold plated tap, etc etc... all these with public funds!! if we simply use statistics alone, for the past 3 years, every single people on this little island would have paid him $0.50+++!!

seriously, i wonder which other non-profit organisation ever earn such a big paycheck, or even enjoy such perks. yes, its just a non-profit organisation. if its any other private company, i dun even give a damn about what the CEO get paid coz if he is being paid the same as this guy, that just shows his capability and that guy probably deserves that treatment. but for a CEO of a non-profit organisation? NEVER should it ever happen in the first place!

we should really applause to the journalist who disclosed this to us. if not for her, the public will cotinue to give millions of dollars as paycheck and perks to this guy alone. imagine that he alone earns so much, what about the other people on the board? if they earn 'approximately' the same as this guy, can you imagine how much public funds has been misappropriately handled? we certainly need more people as that journalist, having the courage to be the watchdog for the common folks like me and you...

all the while i have a strong belief that organisations no matter how big or small, has absolutely no idea how to manage funds well. this is especially true if its a huge influx of funds. take for instance the tsunami case where millions and millions of dollars poured in but the organisations in charge of the funds still have lots of them left coz they simply dunno how to utilitise them effectively to help the needy! worst thing is when the greed of people overcome their conscious... *fingers crossed*

anyway, as common folks there is nothing much most of us can do. however, instead of not donating after this incident, perhaps a redirection of our donations to other more needy organisations will be a better idea?

just something that has been pondering me for the past few days... how come no one is talking about the 'peanut'? okok better dun say.... wait kena something...

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