Sunday, June 19, 2005

today is fathers' day.

an almost forgotten day.

father is never seen as a important member in the family. its very obvious from the ways people compare fathers and mothers:

1. restaurants and various retail outlets (eg. jewellery shops) are always having strong promotion during mothers' day than fathers' day, just bec they know a simple fact: people treasure mothers and willing to show their love on this day..

2. a childhood fav for many (but not me): 世上只有妈妈好,有妈的孩子像个宝。。u have probably heard the fathers' version but i doubt many will acknowledge that...

3. will always consult mother than father if anything happens. will also inform mother instead of father when doing or deciding anything...

i do not celebrate either days. its too commericalised. just like most will agree with me that everyday is fathers'/mothers' day so long as you are filial to your parents everyday by not causing any trouble outside and at home.

don't you agree?

i'm not close to my dad. dunno why also. i have more things to talk to my step-mum than my dad. weird rite? however i always try to make my dad worry free by avoiding trouble and make him proud by completing my tertiary education. my father is not good at expressing his care and concern, but from my step-mum i know that he does cares about me at times...

happy fathers' day dad! may you be healthy and happy!

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