Friday, June 17, 2005

(source: singapore police force website)

just for your info, i went for the first round of the senior police officer selection today.


the actual thing starts at 915am but to show my 'kiasu-ism' (aka scared to lose out in singapore context) i reached that place at 835am! ehh.. not exactly kiasu lah but i dunno the place so its better to be earlier to check out the place. surprisingly, i managed to find that place within 10mins from novena mrt!

was told that there are 4 rounds of selection assessment: the one i went today is the first round, which consists of a psycho test, physical assement aka tattoo check and lastly documentation check. the last two are simple, nothing much but the psycho test is damn headachy!! first part is timed and i got 30mins to go 60qns! mind you, its not that easy ok.. will not reveal too much here, in case got some peeps who are going for the selection assessment... *evil laugh*

oh yah, the 2nd round is a grp discussion with a senior police officer, the 3rd one is the interview with the deputy comissioner and the last one is the medical assessment. really hope that i can make it thru all stages *fingers crossed*, else please fail me this time round.. dun wana waste too much of my time and leave...

oh yah.. the prison officer application has opened.. should get ready another set of my resume soon.. =D

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