Saturday, June 11, 2005

saw this new nokia 8800 at the m1 shop in bugis. pretty stylo and sleek, just like its old brothers 8810 and 8850 (i'm the proud owner of both of them before! =D) with the metallic feel. it certainly caught alot of attention although its only a dummy phone on display.. wonder how much are they going to price it.. S$888? or S$988?

one of the motorola promoter recommended me the motorola v3 razor. pretty slick as its very thin with a very large screen (i think thrice the size of my 6230 screen)! navigation is quite friedly actually, a vast improvement over the good o'days motorola phones. bad thing is that it have neither radio or mp3, although it can play mp3 ringtone. weird rite? but anyway nowadays mp3 player with built-in radio is so common that i'm wondering if there is a need for handphone to have the same functions as well.

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