Tuesday, June 14, 2005

is having a son that important that even if you already have 2 daughters?

and you are already in your mid 30s?

and probably you do not really have that much of spare cash for another mouth to feed?

well well.. you can always argue that you like children, but the undeniable fact is that you still will like to have a son. just a question: what happen if this coming one is a daughter instead? will you ask your wife to go for abortion? i dun think you will do that as you are a devoted christian. so will you happily wait for her arrival? or will you dislike her as thats probably your last chance for a son and she spoils it altogether?

while you are celebrating the birth of your son, i seriously hope that your 2 daughters will not be neglected.. people have feeling no matter whats their age.. and they will react accordingly...

at this moment of the century, some undesirable old old traditional thinking still stays deeply rooted in some brains...

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