Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i was thinking about this on my way home after work:

"if you have a high risk of developing a certain critical illness eg cancer, kidney failure, diabetics, etc, will you still have children in the future, knowing that they have an equally high risk as well?"

i won't.

my proposition is simple and straight forward: i do not want my children to suffer the physical and emotional pain that they might one day have that illness. what will they think if they know that they might die young? how are they going to face their life? will they become pessimistic of living instead? if they have a family, won't it be painful for the other half and the children to lose one of their loved ones early?

i'll rather end the suffering myself than passing it on to my children, even thou i may want to have my own children dearly... i just find it hard to do it...

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