Wednesday, June 08, 2005

got back my results today for my OB module. i did pretty well this time round, especially after my poor performance in my individual and group assignment. guess i really did very well for my exam paper to help me pull my grades up. *smile*

i seriously thinking of rewarding myself with something... *smile again*

follow up on my thinking yesterday, i was wondering why some couples still give birth to children with defects when they know of it in the early stages of pregnancy. why why why?? just bec God tells you that abortion is wrong? i agree abortion is wrong and it should not be done if the couple has the ability to keep the child, but seriously abortion is a necessary in some circumstances such as unwanted pregnancy after a rape case, teenage pregnancy (where the couple have no ability to feed the child), babies with defects, etc.. okok back to my topic proper as i seems to be diverging.. i still do not understand why couples give birth to defect babies.. perhaps i'm not a father thats why i dunno the grief of losing a child, but i feel that by giving birth to defect babies is worse.


you are bringing pain to the child emotionally and psychologically. with the physical impairments, how do you expect the child to grow up normally and blend into our society? in addition, if the child has only a few years of life span, do you think by giving birth to him is the right thing to do? by giving birth to the child are you trying to prove to the world that you love your child so much that no matter what defects he has you will take care of him for life? why subject him to the unnecessary pain while he is on the short trip on earth? who are you trying to prove to? why bring grief to yourself knowing that he will leave you anytime?

perhaps we all should ponder over this question..

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