Saturday, June 04, 2005

exam finally over.

not everyone is happy after the exam, including me.

paper is tough, or i should say very tough, especially the calculations part. my financial calculator just sit at one corner gathering dust while my scientific calculator which went thru the last exams i have in ntu was busy and alive while i do my calculations.

i think most of them want to punch that lecturer. he either thinks that we are very good in financial calculations or he is out to kill us with all those terms that we never see before. those who bang on the "tips" that he gave us during the revision lecture must be cursing and swearing till his ears are itchy red..

dun dare to think too much. just hope i can pass..

the last exam's result still not fully out yet. that one also jialat as i only got 25/40 for both my assignments, whereas the average seems to be in the 28-32/40 for those in others groups. arrrhhh!!!

anyway its relax time till next module hunts again.

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