Tuesday, May 31, 2005

congratulations to smrt and sbs transit for winning the fare hike war with lame excuses like

"we have already cut costs but..." and

"we have not increase since 2001 (or 2002??)..."

"we installed new systems to improve timing and all these cost money..."

okok.. enough.. the more i think of the stoopiak excuses from these blood sucking companies, the more i feel like puking. movie ticket increased to nearly $10 each, now is public transport fares.. i won't be surprised in less than a decade time the cost of transport will go past the $2/trip on bus and $3/trip on mrt, just like what i imagined the movie ticket will cost $15 at that time.

i had enough of complaining them. complain more also no use coz those pple in the management won't hear and cannot understand, coz they all drive their own cars!!

anyway i'm on giro farecard since dunno how many donkey years ago when they first introduced giro on magnetic farecards, so i dun really care how much they raise so long as my bank account is only debited $20 once every week... anything more and you people at transitlink better be prepared to receive my call, and when i do that its terror...

for those shareholders of the above 2 companies, you should be happy that the share price will rise..

oh yah today one singnet staff called me as a follow up action for my broadband problem. glad that they do that, at least i feel like a customer. anyway i complained about the stoopiak staff who gave me the wrong info and guess what? the $20 was waived! good work singnet. thats the way man. even if you are not keen to earn my $20 in the first place, i'm still a happy customer now as i do not need to pay that extra charges. as for your advice of signing an extension of contract so as to get free modem and freebies, ehh.... let me think about it first yah? anyway i still got about 10 months with you so let me buy this time to think if i should stay or change a new broadband service provider.

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