Saturday, May 21, 2005

my house is like a scaled down childcare centre. all thanks to my mum that at the peak, there will be up to 5 little rascals running up and down my house! mind you, they are all noisy fellows who can destory any peace and tranquility whom one desires.

one day i bought 2 boxes of collen, one strawberry and one chocolate, for the 2 gals who happened to be around. i let one of them to choose first and A chose strawberry. left with no other options, B accepted the chocolate one unwillingly. whats interesting was that A took a look at her new posession, took a look at B's new snack, and commented "your chocolate one not nice de, my strawberry one is nicer! haha!" B, after hearing A's comments, rebutted "yours then not nice one! chocolate is more delicious!" this went on for a few rounds before they decided to go their seperate ways...

i guess the way we adults accept things has been cultivated since young. some of us will scream our lungs out and roll on the floor if we do not get what we want. the others will simply make the best of what they have and accept it. another group will temporary accept the current situation first but in the meantime will try to look for ways to satify the unsatisfied needs.

so which type are you in the past? and which type are you now?

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