Monday, May 23, 2005

episode 3 got ja ja bing!! but then it only came out for less than 3 seconds... haizzz....

overall, episode 3 is not bad. impressive computer animations is the main attraction. unless you are a star wars 'fanatic' (fan + lunantic), else you will be just like me who watches it just because we want to complete the saga.. like in the case of LOTR. oh yah, for those who haven't watch it yet, just make sure your bladder can last you for 2 hrs...

some interesting things/questions in this show:

1. how does skywalker knows that his power has doubled since the last time he met that.. eh... 'bad guy' from episode 2? is there anyway to find out? eg. dragonball got the 战斗力指数 so unless he has that gadget also... i'm thinking that he knew bec last time his force can lift up a 10kg stuff.. now he can raise a 20kg stuff.. thats why he knew his power has doubled.. hehe~

2. how come the servant of skywalker's wife.. that robot, was gold in colour? i thought it was always silver? didn't know it went gold-plating... skywalker must be earning big bucks as a jedi..

aiyah.. cannot think so any liao at the moment... will continue when i remember what i watched..

btw is this layout really very hard to navigate? if it is then i'll look for another skin when i'm free these few days... can i have some comments? thanks!

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