Monday, April 18, 2005

well done singapore govt, you have once again shown us that no matter what policies you all suggest, it will 100% be implemented.

thank you for such a good topic for the public to discuss over our meals and in kopitiam when we are la-kopi-ing.. certainly we have alot of conflicts and differences in our viewpoints, however, at the end of our discussion, we will no doubt conclude that the govt will 100% build it. why we know? because the govt operates like a 10 years series book where we can see that whatever is being discussed in the parliament, be it the public like it or not, it will surely be implemented. we can read the govt's mind! haha!

i dunno how the relevant ministry managed to cook up 35000 job opportunities for singaporeans with the opening of the casino alone. it certainly sounds encouraging but if you look at the breakdown of jobs, its quite a laughing matter.

look at where the jobs are created:
1. security
2. police (specialise in dealing with 'washing black $$$', crimes related to casino and gambling, etc)
3. IMH + rehabilation centre to deal with gambling addicts
4. counselling
5. etc....

don't you all notice something? so many of the jobs are created to deal with the ill social effects of gambling! so thats where the jobs are created? as for the casino itself, we locals simply have no expertise in managing casino so even the govt acknowledged that we will have to import ALOT of foreign talents to manage and run the casino in the beginning. so are the jobs really created for locals? furthermore, after a few years, are you confident that locals will be taking over those jobs held by foreigners? if the answer is doubtful, then i'll say its a disappointment that the figures haven't been analysed critically..

even thou tourists are staying an average of 2-3 days now instead of 3-4 days in the past, personally i do not see it as a problem. this simply implies that singapore is a great place for a short weekend escape! i dun think in the future people will have the time to go for long holidays so the trend maybe towards short escape. why isn't the govt able to realise this fact? i mean singapore is so small, what do you expect the tourists to do here? isn't it better that they come 2-3 days per trip and come more frequently? or you prefer them to stay 7 days and avoid singapore once and for all, all because they realise that they have stepped onto every single inch of singapore and found out that its not worth a 2nd visit? its all about marginal utility.. let the tourists have the urge to come back more often should be the right measure....

anyway, right from the start i've accpeted the fact that a casino is going to be built and as a typical singaporean, i can only wait and see how our society change and react to it...

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