Sunday, April 17, 2005

i simply adore the days right after an exam! wooo!!

tell you all a little secret... i drool while i sleep last nite! =D~ that shows how sweet it is to sleep without any stupid theories haunting you in the dreams...

anyway will be enjoying the stress-less life for another 3 weeks before i start another cycle of hell again. yes, this time is the scary 'financial management' module.

why i say it is scary:

1. my classmates friends who are doing the same course as us in HK says that this module is hell.
2. my colleague doing MBA in another university also says that this module sucks.

so my conclusion is that since different sources doing the same subject say it sucks, it must be sucky. hehe! but but but.. i'm an engineer you know? as an engineer i'm supposedly to be very good in mathematics and calculations! in another words, what is financial management calculations as compared to partial differential equations (PDE) of 3rd order or n x m order of matrix in power flow measurements rite?

ok i'm bull-shitting. i've conveniently forgotten all the above stuffs already! haha!! =D

so what have i done yesterday after exam? went to get a nikon 5700 from a online seller. the exterior condition is really very good as its as good as new. included are an extra battery, 2x zoom lens, 0.45 tele lens, camera bag and a set of 3 filters! all for $600. for those who dunno, the latest model for this range is nikon 8800 but it retails at a killer price of $1700. so for someone like me who just wana learn photography with a tight budget, its quite a good bargain actually.

met HY in town for a cuppa. haven't seen her for more than half a year and she commented that i was fat. its a hard cold fact as i've increased my weight from all time low of 55kg last september to 58.4kg last week! ok i'll go and trim my fats and weight from monday by doing more jogging...

oh yes, plans have been set to go HK this coming mayday! yeah! anyone went HK free and easy before? how much did you spend for air tix and such? which tour agency is good? let me know k? thanks!!

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