Saturday, April 09, 2005

remember that idiot whom i got something from online?

i received the item. finally.

however that bloody idiot dare to sell me something beyond condition of use!!! and its not geninue! when i confront him he still dare to say its geninue and its in very good condition!

KNN.... he really is a scum among the online sellers!! beware!!


anyway something happier.. i got a free upgrade to 512k from singnet to my existing 256k plan. the funny thing is that i've been using the upgraded plan for a month w/o realising any significant increase in downloading speed! no matter what, free upgrade is good... =D
today was at mcdonald's again. its 3+pm when i felt so sleepy that i went to get myself a 25c ice-cream cone for energy-fix. when i got back to my seat, a cute little gal ( i think is 2-3 yrs old) sitting right across me table was watching me and said this aloud to her mum "i also want to eat ice cream!" the mum heard that and turn over to see me and she was so paiseh~ =D at that moment in time i got the sudden urge to go to the counter and buy one for the little gal since she's sooooo cute! but then hor as a typical singaporean i did not do that.. haizzzz.....
when i finished my ice cream, the little gal noticed me and said this aloud again "that kor kor (big brother) finish his ice cream already!" the mum this time was too paiseh to even turn around =)
so cute rite!

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