Monday, April 11, 2005

i think the govt's policy of people speaking up and challenge the authority has certainly borne fruits of success!

*clap clap clap*

but it is going the wrong side..

was in the library just now when 2 guys, A & B, were talking rather loudly. guy A realise that their voice were loud so he 'signal' to guy B to lower his voice.

guess what?

guy B talked even louder, even saying it sarcastically "this is my home what!! hahaha!!"

if i'm a policeman, i'll not hestitate to walk up and tell that guy to STFU!!

gone were those days where the library was a place where people observe the 'silence is golden' rule. gone too were those days where we spare a thought for others for things that we do. i seriously wonder what is wrong with our education system. is it the elitistic nature that left us with no room for others? or is it that we have progressed too fast that we forgot to bring with us moral values as we move along? or is it that having lesser children in a family means that the child be brought up in an environment where he or she is the king or queen and he or she can just ignore the authority? if this is the direction singapore is progressing, i will strongly urge the government to hold its horses and turn and take a look backwards...

we have simply lost too much over the last 10 years of our progress... and its something we cannot quantify: values, morals, care, etc...

perhaps i'm thinking too far ahead, but one of the reasons why i dare not have kids in the future is that i'm not confident of myself to being a good parent, a good father. having a kid is probably easy but to groom the kid to become useful to the society is totally another thing. what happens if next time he turns out to be a scum? what happens if i become one of those kiasu parents and allow my precious little prince or princess to do whatever he or she likes and latter they bring hard to the society? till this stage i dare not think further... coz its just too unimaginable..

oh yah.. its nothing to worry now anyway... perhaps exam is more of a worry now =D

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