Thursday, April 28, 2005

*cough cough*

*cough cough cough*


thats what i've been doing for the past 2 days.. coughing as thou i kena tb like that... dun worry, mine is just normal cough after recovering from my cold a few days ago. wonder how on earth am i going to enjoy when i go HK, which is just 2 days later. i seriously do not want to go there w/o the privillege of drinking cold drinks! maybe i should seek the old old method of medication: use poison attack poison aka 以毒攻毒 .. hehe!

life in office has been plain but good. boss did not come and disturb me and let me have the space and time to do things at my own pace. relationship with colleagues have been fine as well. at home seems to be peaceful too. no conflict is always good, so peaceful.. =D probably the only hurdle i have for this week is my bloody financial management assignment. i'm drowned in all those jagons that i can hardly breathe. i even consulted my accountant friends but they do not seem to be giving me the solutions i desire, especially when it has to be submitted one day after i come back from HK. that practically implies that i have till tomorrow to do, unless i want to bring my thick textbooks to HK... anyone financial gurus can help?

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