Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i finally got my results! yuppie!

i'm among the top 20% of the class.. so proud of myself!! finally those weeks of hardwork did not go to waste... =D this school system is sooooo much more transparent than ntu as the results are open for inspection by all, ie i will know the results of all my classmates except that i do not exactly know who gets what grade as its being masked by the student number.

hmmm.. strange hor.. when i was back in ntu this also happens to me: usually when i feel that i did badly for the exam the result will turn out to be otherwise. maybe those things that i write are simply rubbish to me but are words of gold and wisdom in the eyes of the examiner? o.O

as promised earlier in my post, i'll work doubly hard this time round to achieve even better results! =D


on my way to the bus stop near my office, i notice these 2 cute little kitties along the roadside so i decided to take a pic for each of them..

is it learning how to swim? or trying to fish?? o.O

it poses!! its sooooooooo cute!!! =P

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