Thursday, February 03, 2005

guess who i saw today at jurong east?

need any clues?


1. is a female.

if you can guess the person at this stage i really must say "wow!"

okok i give u another clue...

2. is not a actress/singer

you must be thinking who she is rite? or i guess someone out there must have some idea already..

this shld be quite an obvious one..

3. she is a blogger....

hahaaa! i bet some of you must have know the answer! yes! its her liao lah!

i'm on my way home after studying in the library when i turn and saw this gal who really looks familar.. i couldn't recognise her initially as she looks abit different from her pics in her blog, maybe bec of no photoshop enhancement.. =X anyway she is quite petite lah..

disclaimer: i'm NOT one of her fans... PLEASE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

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