Tuesday, January 18, 2005

when watching a movie, what are the 3 most horrible things that you WOULDN'T wish to happen?

1. the movie theatre blackout (thankfully i never been in such a situation before)

2. there is some champion that sits around you that is story-telling the whole show to his/her friend, esp like "later hor, this will happen...and after that will happen"... and you are wondering why the friend did not give that champion a punch in the face.. or what is that champion doing in this theatre watching this show since he already know what is going to happen..

3. lastly, probably i'm so bloody suay (aka bad luck) to face tha last one. initially sitting beside me was a couple. they are pretty fine till a guy (the bloody idiot whom i'm going to complain about) came over and ask the couple to change seat as they were at the wrong row. oh well.. its not as if the whole theatre is full.. i mean if its me i won't mind occupying the seat beside them till someone comes over and says that the seat that i'm sitting on belongs to him, then i'll request to have my seat back.

anyway that is side track. the main thing is that he IS a BLOODY IDIOT! why? the way he laugh is really making me very frustrated! he sound like a retarded person. disclaimer: i'm pretty fine with mentally handicapped people and thats the reason i'll call them as mentally handicapped and NEVER call them as retarded. but this idiot really makes my blood boil. he will out of nothing laugh like a mad man and will repeat the lines in the movie. his kind of laughter is not those kind that u normally get when u are watching a commedy where you really find it funny that you laugh. his is kind of "force" out the laughter... and worst thing is he is sitting right beside me! OMG!! i'm so pissed off with him i nearly wanted to walk out of the theatre halfway thru the show...

not to make anyone think that i'm in anyway associated to this bloody idiot, when he walk down to leave i walk the other path to exit.. seriously, i would have given him a punch in the face if i'm an ah beng... KNN...

i'll pray that this is the LAST TIME i watch a movie with such an idiot sitting beside me..

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