Monday, January 17, 2005

sch is starting again soon, right after hari raya haji to be exact.. will be another 4 days of marathon lectures... i got some problems, BIG ones, regarding the assignment that i have to hand in on 1st feb. out of those 7 choices i'm given, 4 requires me to draw information from my company, which i have difficulty obtaining. the other 3 basically i dunno what they are asking..


i've also been trying to read up on that phonebook-thick textbook but till now i only managed to finish half, and what i've studied seems to be decaying at an alarming rate! u know its like filling a plastic bag of water but with a big hole at the base... and i still got many many case studies to finish before the lecture starts in 4 days time..

die liao lah!!

oh yah... exam result should be releasing soon for my previous module.. *stress* ok if i get a good grade i promise that i'll work doubly hard for this module.. otherwise i'll have to work triplely hard this time round... so... please..... *fingers crossed*

anyway tomolo watching "meet the fockers"~~ need a break before i start my engine! =D

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