Sunday, January 09, 2005

went to west mall just now for the G2000 sale.

guess what did i get?

nothing. (awww~~~)

not that i dun wana buy but then hor the 2 shirts i like dun have size 15!! one only have 14.5/15.5, and the other has only15.5/16.... =( worst thing is the sales assistants dun wana help me check out the other outlets coz they say sale time they dun provide such a service.. *double =(* i think tomorrow i'll go and find ... really like the 2 shirts...

in the end go buy 2 polo tees from giordano.. haha... nice material~ i got a light blue and a dark grey.. anyway they say can exchange so maybe i'll exchange the grey one to a pink one.. =D wun really keep for CNY to wear unless i cannot get the 2 shirts from G2000..

anyway if i can get the 2 shirts that i want i'll call it a day for my CNY clothes hunting. got 4 reasons for that:

1. there is no news of any open house so no point buying so many new clothes as no chance to wear also;

2. i'm not the type that MUSt wear new clothes for new year;

3. i buy clothes when i see those i like all year round...

4. lessons starting in 2 weeks time and after that all the way to mid february i dun think i have the time to go shopping so its either now or never...

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