Wednesday, December 01, 2004

today is 1st december.

so what have i done on the first day of a new month?

1. bought a 95c sausage mcmuffin for lunch~ =D~
2. flip the calendar on my work desk to "december"! =D
3. drank a cup of coffee and milo. o.O
4. finding excuses not to go jogging although today is a perfectly clear and fine day..
5. trying to start revising for my exam.. which is on the 18th... ewww~~

so fast.. one more month to 2005, one more month to a brand new year. i'm beginning to flash back what have i accomplished for this year, recalling all the happy and sad times.... anyway i shall take one whole month to do that, so you peeps will have to wait for a while yah?

no one in particular, juz happen to have this thought and wana wish those who are born in december, esp today, a happy birthday~! =D

anyway here is a pic of me when i was in primary school... =P

do.. re.. mi.. ~~ i'm so freaking fat!!

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