Friday, December 03, 2004

"flat ownership rules tough on PRs"??

this is a repeated header that can be found in streats forum for the past 2 weeks. i think i did talk about the PR thingy before but it seems that PRs are never satisfied.

before i start, i'll like to make a disclaimer:
i've no prejudice against PRs in general.

i understand that many of them enjoy living in singapore and will certainly like to stay in singapore as long as they can. i do have many friends who are PRs. however, i just cannot stand it when these PRs start to complain that they are being "alienated" or "treated unfairly" when compared to singaporeans. if i can be a politician, i'll certainly tell them this:

"we (singapore government) have given you (PRs) alot of privilleges similiar as singaporeans such as subsidised education, health care, transport, blah blah... but there MUST be a line drawn between PRs and singaporeans, and that line must be obvious! otherwise, whats the use of being a singaporean where PRs can have the best of both worlds (by having dual citizenships)? furthermore, if anything is to happen to singapore, its the local singaporeans that will stay back and fight for the survival of the country, not the PRs! so PLEASE DO NOT complain that you do not receive the NSS or the ERS or the ability to buy HDB flats as these are for singaporeans, or if you prefer to understand by colour, it will be PINK IC, not BLUE IC. if you want to gain that few hundred dollars, please go and change your citizenship and push your sons for NS! by then see if they will hate you for 'wasting' their 2 years or not..."

sick of these PRs that like to make a fuss... if not happy go back to your own country lah! why spend the same amount of money in singapore buying a pigeon hole while you can probably buy a plot of land with a house? with one less of you, we will have one more job vacancy for another singaporean...

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