Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i got my 2nd x'mas pressie!

oh yah my 1st x'mas pressie is a 2005 calendar (courtesy of lilian during the gift exchange on saturday~). made in FRANCE one k... mai siao siao!! imported leh! haha!

today i received my 2nd x'mas pressie!!

from who?

wana guess??

the company!

ok lah... not really "give" me lah but i'll be the ONLY one using lor. its a brand new hp compaq (as what is printed on the casing) desktop with a intel P4 3GHz processor with 512MB RAM! wooooo!! i've the fastest computer in the whole office! somemore i have the latest Autocad 2005 LT (while others still using 2002 LT)!! now i feel that i'm running in the speed of light! oh yah not forgetting that i got a brand new soundless keyboard + a super smooth wheel mouse (although i hoped that its a optical..)

ahh.... santa heard my plea during this x'mas~

alas! have you noticed something missing? yes.. its the monitor. damn! my colleague gave me wrong info that i'll be given a 19" LCD also but it turned out that the LCD will be KIV till further notice.. so i'll have to survive with a 17" monitor... =(

by the way i'll upload the pics of my new desktop soon =D

fairy god mother! where are you? have you heard my plea this x'mas? wait.. let me shed a tear first....

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