Saturday, December 18, 2004

exam is finally over.

the paper is the things that the lecturer went thru during the last revision lecture. eh... well... not totally the same but some of the things are there lah. he did mentioned that its a very open ended paper. yah i agree... so open ended that i dunno what to write and what not to write for each question.... -_______-""

i'm having the same fault for my previous exams in ntu, that is spending too much time on the first question and having too little time for the last question. also the order of the question that i done was wrong as i should have attempted the more confident question first. haizzz... it will be another painful experience before i learn my mistake and not to repeat it for the next 7 modules.

anyway glad that the exam was over. i and my group members went over to the turkish restaurant in shaw tower for lunch. was surprised that the little shop that used to be on the 1st floor now has a rather big place on the 2nd level. however, the place is so empty... maybe the change of venue has created in the minds of consumers that it has become an expensive restaurant. so expansion is not really a good choice huh?

after that went a little shopping spree. went to get the gift for tomorrow's gift exchange..

as well as my cleanser which is finishing soon and also a little gift for myself for survuving the exam.. hehe~ oh yah.. not forgetting my hammies... they got themselves this...

a big pack of bedding (35 litres) which may last them for another year! *hammies clapping their little hands*

went to a few places to find a x'mas stocking but none have them. sick man.... i only see santa hat but no stockings! i manged to find 2 in lot 1 but they look sooooo ugly with the stupid snowman and santa sew on them! went to ikea to find but they have run out of stock... =( wat luck....

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