Friday, December 10, 2004

didn't realise that i did not blog for such a long time!

ok for those who dunno what am i doing or what have i done instead for the past few days w/o blogging, i'm basically a walking zombie. work is busy like shit! i have never been so busy for my past 6 months there! i'm involved in a kinda "big" project that involves a japanese company that produces most of our childhood favourite shampoo (i shall not elaborate more =X) and at the same time my another hong kong project is chasing after me for some reports. to make things worst, the first of the series of a local government project is to be delivered tomorrow... freaking interesting huh? yeah~ busy till i dun even have the time to go pantry and make myself a coffee.. oh yah.. i dun even have time to go toilet! serious! =( anyway i doubt my hardship days will be over anytime soon.. maybe at least not before the christmas...

talking about x'mas.. because this x'mas falls on a saturday, my company is giving us off on monday! haha! looooong weekend! =D

hmmm.. after work for the past week i'll always be in the library studying for my exam, which is on the 18th. after so busy at work i'm dead tired and still have to concentrate on books.. aghhh!! its really a torture! but nvm... i just have to endure that.. its ONLY 8 modules, and this is my first one... haha! (bitter laugh) just when you all think that i'm a freaking hard working student, all of you are WRONG! when i reach home after the library closes at 9pm, i eat, bathe and my eyes are stuck at the computer! no studying at all after 9pm! die liao lah! for those who know my weird habit will know that i don't switch off my pc even when my eyes are freaking tired. i'll just go and lie down on my bed and will wake up at the wee hours to switch off. haha! its a habit since my days as an undergraduate... habits are hard to kick..

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