Saturday, December 11, 2004

the dad of the young gal who my mum babysits juz got himself a brand new kia cerato.. and because of that my papa is hinting to me to get a car.

i mean share a car.

a car is always in his wishlist as he almost never fails to visit all the car shows which i give all the misses.. hahaa! its nearly 10 years since he gave up his previous car, a toyota corolla...

my dad wants a nissan sunny... which i'm ok with it..

however i'll prefer...

a mitsubishi lancer... =D

of coz i love honda civic, jazz, mazda 2 and 3, blah blah.. *drooooool* but these are really too ex (at LEAST $10000 more)... but if you want me to consider kia or hyundai.. hmmm... haha... if given a choice i try not to lah... =X

(btw hor after being driven a few times by my assistant manager in his hyundai matrix i'm beginning to feel that its not a good car.. coz although its 1.6litres and is considered a small size car its not powerful at all... so...)

ok, i'm fine with the idea of a new car but how shall we split? 50-50? what about maintenance, parking, insurance, road tax.... all 50-50? if that is the case the car registers under whose name? mine or his or both? my mum is suggesting that my papa pay the 1st installment whereas i pay the rest. ok.. but how much is he going to pay? half? if he is only paying less than half then it makes no sense for me to pay the rest if the car is going to be registered under his name. it will also not be possible for the car to be registered under my name if he is going to have a share in it.

well.. one of my friends commented that we are one family what so no need to be so calculative. i agree. however that applies to other parents lah. for my parents better draw the line clearly especially when it comes to money. if my papa is so generous, he would have suggested to pay my university loan for me, or at least clear it for me first while i return him monthly instead of paying so much interest to the bank! its not that he cannot afford to pay, just that its his mentality.

anyway no matter what i'm ok with the idea of buying a car but must make sure that the problem of ownership is resolved first. hmmm.. one thing also... now i'm already bloody poor.. so if the car needs me to fork out $500 a month (which is a really under estimate) i really dunno where on mother earth am i going to find such cash...

i have 2 ways... either follow that fellow to rob a POSB bank w/o a guard stationed, or i shall pray that the TOTO numbers i buy for the coming week will be among the top 3 prizes...

* counting down 7 days to exam.... how exciting... *

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