Saturday, November 06, 2004

today is my IPPT day!

i check online my previous IPPT results and here is the comparison for the past 3 years since i ORD...

this year my results are as follows:
sit up: 40 score: 5 pts
broad jump: 230cm score: 4 pts
chin up: 11 score: 5 pts
shuttle run: 10s score: 5 pts
2.4km run: 11.34min score 3 pts

total: 22 pts
award: silver

yuppie! another $200 into my pocket! $____$

today actually i'm not that ready for this ippt. why? i did not have enough rest as i only slept for 5 hours. on top of that i was travelling the whole day, rushing from place to place before the ippt. worst is i ate my lunch real late.. i think around 2+pm, somemore is ntu's indian store with all the curry and stuffs.. not enough hydration... and most importantly... i'm getting OLD =(

when i reached maju camp i was shocked to see so mnay people! coz usually there will be only one detail of less than 40 people taking the ippt. this time round was about 4-5 details. its really a long wait. somemore there are hundreds, or even THOUSANDS, coming back for RT (remedial training)... so scary.. guess working certainly took off time from we guys to train ourselves. when i look at those who came for RT, its not only those who were bigger in size and heavier in mass, but there are those who look rather fit and muscular yet they did not pass their ippt. strange huh? anyway... i keep my fingers crossed.. pray that i dun need to come for RT in the future... *fingers crossed*

saw a guy in ADSD (air defence system division.. only SADA boys will know best =D)singlet and i chatted with him. hahaa.. he was from 163 also!! no lah... he was not crewman.. but a RP. he just ORDed last year and now in nus. such a coincidence to meet someone from the same old camp. really bring back the memories when i was doing guard duty.. =D anyway other than him i also saw one of the 163 cook taking ippt. hahahaa~! if that is not enough of coincidence, i met up with a old BMT platoon mate also! such an interesting day~

anyway today the sun is FREAKING BIG AND STRONG! i nearly puke and died while running halfway. my steps were small.. breathing so deep... nearly wanted to fall out when i was running my last lap.... =( when i came back i was short of breath... fuck! the curry in my tummy was running all about which made me even more uncomfortable! i know le... never eat curry before ippt...

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