Saturday, October 16, 2004

want to know how i spent my birthday?

ok.. here we go...

9am: a sms by miss lemon woke me up. haha no lah i'm not angry. thanks for the wishes! but then hor when i ask her where is my present she no reply me liao.. -____-"

11.30am: went back to school to borrow 2 books related to switchgear and protective relaying theory. i was told that i need a new library card as my previous one (aka matric card) is no longer in use. anyway the first year is free so why not? haha to my surprise my card will be free till 31st december 2006! the librarian was soooo kind! =D anyway i need these books as i need to save myself at work as no one will bother to explain to me what they are doing and how these things work. a standard answer by my colleagues will be "this is standard one..." which literally translate to "i also dunno so dun ask me.. just follow what has been done previously.." ehh... come on.. i'm an engineer.. i need to know how it works or what it is for! how can i just follow blindly?! few years down the road i may be in the role to make decisions and lead my colleagues. if i dunno anything.. how do u expect them to have respect and trust in me?

3pm: met up with kiat, cindy, ah chai, zan and eugene for a mini gathering at cafe cartel raffles city. we were updating each other about our lives and so on.. seriously our topics changes as we move on to different phases of life. instead of talking about what our life in school, we were discussing about the difficulties and fun in work. however, one thing dun change which is to discuss about those memorable events that happened to us. yeah... at that instant while we were undergoing those shitty times we really hate it but its those shitty times that will leave long lasting memories in our hearts, which have turned into sweet little things... =D

630pm: rushed to chinatown to have steamboat dinner with sandy, lydia and bf, waikit and gf. recommended them to a restaurant i patronised about 2 years back. well... businessmen are always evil. i'm so disappointed with the place now. the food that they serve really is s-h-i-t! its worst than seoul garden now! arrrghhhh!!! i feel so bad bringing them there! really wanted to dig a hole and put my head in it. fuck! i'll NEVER patronise that stoopiak restaurant AGAIN! and you people BETTER dun patronise it too! want to know the address? its at no. 52, pagoda street (next to chinatown mrt station exit A) and the restaurant is called "elai".

after that we went to club street for a drink. we were surprised that the whole street looks like a ghost town. so few poeple walking there and even lesser people in the pubs. finally settled down at a pub called "blue cow". no no... they dun serve milk to my surprise.. *crows fly pass* anyway that place is quite good if you people want to find a pub for a drink yet free yourself from loud music and tons of crowd...

oh yah how could i forget all your lovely pressies? really thanks alot for that! seriously i dun expect presents as its the thoughts that count, its the friendship that i treasure more than the tangible gifts. i'm sorry if you find that i'm bored. no.. i'm not bored.. just that i'm a rather quiet person. thanks again to many others for the birthday wishes too~ =D

my pressies~~~

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